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Last Minute and Standby Hotel Accommodating Deals
for Stays in Sydney

There are many advantages of leaving your booking for Sydney short term accommodation to the last minute but this policy can be fraught with danger for the visitor who may not know what drives hotel pricing ... and therefore the availability of a bargain that may result from a last minute booking.

If you are not compelled to seek accommodation at the last minute as a result of a sudden change of plans - it is best to plan ahead even if you intend to chase a good hotel deal by leaving your Sydney accommodation booking to the last minute.


Last minute discounted hotel deals can save you money and stretch your hotel dollar further. Sydney budget hotels can offer excellent discounts for short lead bookings, and we can help you reserve a great standby rate for a stay that is within 28 days of making your booking. Sydney is a favourite destination for domestic and international travellers alike. Being Australia's most expensive city, any standby hotel discount or last minute hotel deal for your Sydney booking can really help the hotel budget.

Budget hotels are usually found on the Sydney city fringe but last minute discount rates can make executive hotels available at budget hotel prices. Hotels in the budget category may not feature facilities such as pool, spa, gym that are commonly found in executive class hotels, however a last minute discount may make that nicer room more affordable.

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Budget apartments are by far the most popular choice for friends or families travelling to Sydney. Commonly, even Sydney apartments in the budget category will have rates higher than budget hotels rooms, however being able to self-cater and cook in a fully self contained apartment helps to lower costs. Standby discounts in a budget apartment for short lead stays within 28 days help to lower costs further and free up some of your budget for more enjoyment of what Sydney has to offer.

Generally apartments in the budget range may not provide the additional services expected in executive or luxury class apartment properties. Apartment discounts however, like budget hotel deals in executive standard accommodations mean you may be able to enjoy a higher quality apartment at a discount price even if travelling at the last minute.

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This group of 4 and 5 Luxury Hotels often demonstrates the largest swing in prices they charge based on the Supply and Demand curve.

Frequently in low season, the 5 star hotels will discount to the rates usually offered by the 4 Star options and the 4 Star property will discount the price domain of the 3 star hotel.

This will translate in to a good saving on your hotel booking or an upgrade in the quality of hotel usually booked.

Either way - a last minute deal if can be a very good accommodation outcome.

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Executive & Quality Hotels - Compare Prices from A$100 per room

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Quality Serviced Apartments including 4 star and 5 star luxury apartment hotels have become a very popular option for short stay rentals as well as extended stays in Sydney for Corporate relocations.

These quality apartment hotels usually operate like a hotel with concierge, house-keeping service and usually provide guest facilities such as swimming pool and gym.

Last minute rates and stand by deals are usually more likely to be available in Winter months as Summer in Sydney is extremely popular and hotels rarely discount

This is not always the case however as large events or conferences occurring over winter will drive up occupancy and therefore prices.

Keep in mind you may be able to snag a quality apartment discount deal at a rate similar to rates usually charged in Tourist Apartments - if you do some research and make your accommodation booking at the last minute.

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Executive & Quality Apartments - Compare Prices from A$110 per room

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As with all business, hotels seek to make a profit in their investment.

Due to the high overheads of running a hotel as well as pressure from competitors and the expectation of customers, profit margins are often fairly slim in this.

Naturally it is the Supply and Demand equation that drives hotel room pricing as much as these factors drive pricing for most commodities in our free market.

Good deals can often be found in times of low demand (and therefore high supply) - as hotels discount "distressed" inventory to cover costs at the expense profits.

Availability in Sydney hotels generally follow trends which follow the seasons - Summer is High Season - culminating in the New Year period in Sydney. Rates are usually high in Summer time ( November to March in Australia) and the wait for a last minute deal can back-fire with no available at all being available.

Winter (April - August) often represents the quietest months and a good standby hotel deal is more likely to be achieved at this time.

Once more I suggest that a bit of research will prevent the disappoint of missing accommodation all together as many Conferences and Special Events held in Sydney over the winter months will absorb hotel and serviced apartment availability.

These days hotels are careful about discounting too heavily for last minute sales - as there is a perception it may damage their brand with guests being not willing to accept the usual price when higher season comes around.

The airlines confronted this issue years ago when too many of their clients avoided booking to get a last minute deal - making it very difficult for them to plan their scheduling and to yield seats at a profit.

They countered this trend by penalising last minute booking with high prices and rewarding booking made well in advance of travel.

The same kind of thing is reflected during high season times with hotel sales.

Last minute bookings can exact a very high price for the last rooms remaining on any given night.

Having said all that good hotel deals can still be had for last minute bookings.

Do your homework and a bit of research to be ready to take advantage of deals offered for bookings well ahead of time or to leave your hotel accommodation booking to the last minute

Things to Consider when Booking
Last Minute Hotel Deals

Do you have to be in Sydney on specific dates?

If you are travelling to Sydney for a specific event naturally your decision about timing will be constrained.

If you coming for a conference in Sydney or a special social event... remember others will probably be attending the same event and this will put pressure on hotel availability and drive up prices

In worst case scenarios, no accommodation availability may be the outcome.

Have you purchased cheap flights and are now looking for a good hotel deal?

You may get stung with the high cost of accommodation if you have already committed to cheap flights.

It is usually a good idea to check the general cost of accommodation around the times you intend staying in Sydney.

Failure to do this could cause savings on your flights being offset by the high cost of accommodation.

Are your accommodation requirement flexible?

Naturally if you are travelling alone and price is the main driving factor - then you are better placed to take advantage of deals on hotel rooms irrespective of location or bedding configuration

The more specific your requirement in regard to location and bedding - for example if you are travelling with a family, the less likely it may be to achieve the required accommodation if left to the last minute to book.

There are many sad tales of travellers to Sydney having no where for their family to stay as they misread the indicators and thought they could grab a great standby deal.

Deals on Saturday Night or Weekends

Discounts on Weekends are offered in hotels that have a strong corporate market to their customer base.

Frequently these lodgers driven by the corporate imperatives of weekday business, frequently desert the inner city to be at home on weekends - leaving the hotel prepared to offer discounts at the last minute.

This is usually not the case with central Sydney hotels and apartments - Even at the quietest time standby hotel deals on Friday and Saturday nights are usually not available.

With its may attractions, Sydney attracts a strong leisure market coming into the city on Friday and Saturday nights.

Hotels are much more interested in extended stays and will frequently penalise one night stays on Friday and Saturday - by charging inflated prices.

Do you wish to book an extended stay rental in Sydney?

If you do require a long-stay booking in a Sydney apartment hotel, it may not be a good idea to leave the to the last minute

May serviced apartments will fill in weekends or during periods of high demand making it difficult to not only snag a good accommodation long stay deal, but even to find a short stay serviced apartment rental at all.


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